Nach Sils,

“Nach Sils, abends bei Nietzsche. Bejammernswerter Anblick.
27-8-1884 Grossartiger Eindruck seines freien Geistes, seiner Bildersprache.
Schnee und Winterwind.
28-8-1884 Er hat nicht geschlafen, ist aber frisch wie ein Jüngling.
Welch sonniger, herrlicher Tag!”
(Aus dem Tagebuch Heinrich von Steins (1857-1887)
zie: Running around in circles
zie: Rosa Pimpinellifolia

Halbinsel Chastè in Silsersee near Sils-Maria (“Here my muses live…”)

On the capacity to be little:

One must be as close to flowers, grasses and butterflies as a child, who does not tower over them. By contrast, we adults have grown too big for these things: we must descend and condescend to them. I think that all the while we are declaring our love to the grasses they must be h a t i n g  us.-
Whoever wants to partake of e v e r y t h i n g that is good must at the given hour know how to be little.
Nietzsche in Human, All Too Human.
zie: Bindweed
zie: The Grass
zie: A walk along the Lake Silvaplana


Geschützte Pflanzen (Travelogue (detail) 2010/2011, pencil/ink on paper 152x1000cm.)

zie: Purple  Foxgloves
zie: Foxgloves and Snapdragons

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