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“I should like to have enough money to build a sort of ideal dogkennel: I mean a wooden house with two rooms; and moreover on a peninsula stretching into the lake of Sils and on which a Roman castle once stood. Here my muses live…”
Friedrich Nietzsche
zie: “Travelogue”​15896401

“The Nietzsche Haus contains a well-stocked Nietzsche Library which is being gradually expanded through purchases and gifts and is at the disposal of scholars”
(from: The Nietzsche Haus in Sils-Maria, by Peter André Bloch)

zie: Running around in circles
zie: Meta von Salis in Sils
zie: Memories of Sils-Maria
zie: Travelogue(1)
zie: Travelogue(2)
zie: Travelogue(3)

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[…] seaside city of Nice (during the winters), the Swiss alpine village of Sils-Maria (during the summers), Turin, Genoa, Recoaro, Messina, Rapallo, Florence, Venice, and Rome, never residing in any place […]

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