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Saale – Revier(2)

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Revier =gebied : een deel van het aardoppervlak…

Territory: an area occupied by a single person or a group and often vigorously defended against intruders, especially those of the same species. (the free dictionary)
zie: Saale-Revier(1)
zie: Saale-Revier(3)


Saale – Revier(1) 2012 inkt/nietjes op papier 24 x 34 x14 cm. Marjolijn van den Assem
collection Ron Klein Breteler

“Manchmal badeten sie zusammen(…) Sie waren jedem Wetter gewachsen.”
(Die Heimholung. Ludger Lütkehaus)
zie: Saale – Revier(1)

From 1880 until his collapse in January 1889, Nietzsche led a wandering existence as a stateless person (having given up his German citizenship, and not having acquired Swiss citizenship), circling almost annually between his mother’s house in Naumburg and various French, Swiss, German and Italian cities. His travels took him through the Mediterranean seaside city of Nice (during the winters), the Swiss alpine village of Sils-Maria (during the summers), Turin, Genoa, Recoaro, Messina, Rapallo, Florence, Venice, and Rome, never residing in any place longer than several months at a time.
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