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to be little

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On the capacity to be little.-

One must be as close to flowers, grasses and butterflies as a child, who does not tower over them. By contrast, we adults have grown too big for these things: we must descend and condescend to them. I think that all the while we are declaring our love to the grasses they must be hating  us.- Whoever wants to partake of everything that is good must at the given hour know how to be little.

Nietzsche in Human, All Too Human.
zie: tuinen van theorie(1)
zie: tuinen van theorie(4)

tuinen van theorie(32) 2013 o.i.inkt/potlood/grafietstift op museumkarton 46 x 31 cm
collection Martine Prange
zie: The Grass
zie: Nach Sils
zie: New!
zie: close to flowers
zie: Herbarium
tuinen van theorie(37) 2013 o.i.inkt/potlood/grafietstift op museumkarton 46 x 31 cm
Dit werk staat afgebeeld in het boek: de taal van de dooiwind
zie: Rosa Pimpinellifolia

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