Omeisaurus, in Dutch: Omasaurus (zie: @Omasaurus)

Most skeletons of Omeisaurus were found in the 1970s and 1980s,
during the great “Chinese Dinosaur rush”.
There have been seven species of Omeisaurus named so far:
O. junghsiensis, O. changshouensis, O. fuxiensis,
O. tianfuensis, O. luoquanensisO. maoianus and O. ma(rjolijn).
All of these but the last were named after
the locations where they were found.

Like other sauropods, Omeisaurus was herbivorous and large.
It measured 10 to 15.2 metres (30 to 50 ft) long,
4 metres (12 ft) high and weighed 4 tons.
It had the typical bulky body and long neck
of other dinosaurs in its suborder.
Unlike many sauropods, however,
its nostrils were located close to the end of its nose.
The back of the Omeisaurus was higher at its hips
than at its shoulders.

on the left:  Fingerprint* of an Omasaurus?
on the right:  The last Omasaurus (?) spotted in the bushes…

There’s a rumour going on that
only one Omasaurus survived and she’s on Twitter!
zie: Omasaurus (Twitterae)

*étude des sources (7) 2006 30x23cm. potl./streling
op museumkarton collection: Musagète Amsterdam
zie: Seelenbriefe

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