“…to the right of the house, the yard,
next to the windows on the second floor a wooden veranda

also covered with wild grapes and with flowers in front. (…)
The house door is closed, I pull the bronze bell-ringer
…one, two, three. Finally an old woman looks down from above.
After a while she, Nietzsche’s mother, opens the door for me.”

Heinrich Lec ,1893.
Conversations with Nietzsche.
A life in the words of his contemporaries.
Sander L. Gilman)


imaginable/denkbaar(11) 2001
potlood/o.i.inkt/nietjes op museumkarton 122 x 70 x 7cm.
Dit werk zal binnenkort te zien zijn op de tentoonstelling:
Seelenbriefe” van 09-09-2011/20-08-2012
in het Nietzsche Dokumentationszentrum Naumburg.
curator: Jisca Bijlsma

The Friedrich Nietzsche Foundation

The Friedrich Nietzsche Foundation Naumburg,
the institutional side of the Nietzsche Documentation Center,
is a civil foundation with an international format.
Over eighty foundations from Denmark, Germany,
Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Austria,
Sweden, Switzerland, and the USA have enabled
the establishment of the Center through their contribution
of capital stock.
Among them one finds Nietzsche researchers
and Nietzsche enthusiasts, philosophy publishing houses
and Nietzsche-societies, businesses and interested individuals.

The Friedrich Nietzsche Foundation will set
the Nietzsche-sites in Sachsen Anhalt
as well as the activities of the Nietzsche Gesellschaft e.V.
on a lasting and economically viable footing.
Specifically, its aims are:

  • Organizing and maintaining the Documentation Center in Naumburg,
    the Nietzsche House in Naumburg, and the Nietzsche Memorial in Röcken.
  • Developing of the complete works of Nietzsche, i
    ts reception, and the inventory of the Center
    through the construction and preservation
    of an innovative communication and information network.
  • Organizing interdisciplinary scholarly meetings,
    congresses, and conferences,
    and allocating the Friedrich Nietzsche Prize
    under the auspices of Sachsen-Anhalt.
  • Supporting publications.
  • Collaborating with scholarly and cultural institutions.
  • Facilitating creative and scholarly exchange
    at the regional, national, and international level.

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