5 thoughts on “‘road to nowhere’”

  1. For some perhaps there is no where.
    For those that are not rooted
    deep into the soil, the rocky bottom
    of a common past of wisdom.

    For those the storms and floods
    will be too much,
    they will be washed away
    and disappear from sight,
    from memory of men,
    and nothing will remain.

    But those,
    with rock-deep roots

    the storms may tear their leaves away
    and lay them bare,
    just leaving trunk and branches

    the floods may flush
    the soil around their trunk,
    the surface of their roots perhaps

    but still they stand,
    even grow stronger
    by the elements
    and more steadfast.

    And when the season comes
    their leaves will grow again,
    their blossom and their fruit

    ready to feed the hungry few,
    give shelter
    in the shadow of their crown
    and time to rest
    before the journey
    once again begins

    to somewhere
    and to there:
    to future home!

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