Eva Hesse

Eva Hesse (Hamburg 1936 – New York 1970)
Studiowork, Camden Arts Centre London:  11 December 2009 – 7 March 2010

“Stay,” he said, “that was only a test.
He who does not answer the questions has passed the test.”
(Franz Kafka)

Why is the execution of a work of art
not in itself a work of art?
(Paul Valéry)

Some pieces are more like finished sculptures.
Then some of them are totally ready-made…
Some of them are failed sculptures, models that didn’t work out
but have interesting possibilities for the future, like nice leftovers.
(Gabriel Orozco)

from: Eva Hesse Studiowork, Briony Fer. Published on the occasion of the exhibition

The impressive exhibition “Eva Hesse: studiowork” I saw at the Camden Arts Centre London a few days ago, reminded me in a way of Ree Morton’s intense and poetical work at the Drawing Centre New York…
zie: Ree Morton

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