Like troubadours or bards,
trobairitz were female musicians and storytellers.
They composed, wrote verses and performed,
trobairitz are exceptional in musical history
as the first known female composers
of Western secular music.

Een trobairitz was een vrouwelijke performer,
dichter, componist, bard, troubadour (12e en 13e eeuw.).
Het woord trobairitz is afgeleid van het provençaalse trobar,
dat vinden / bedenken betekent.

zie: Trobairitz

Trobar(4) 2019 acryl/o.i.inkt/provençaalse mimosa, glas & stenen op museumkarton
vastgeniet in plastic hoes 23 x 31 x 3 cm

zie: Trobar (2)
zie: Trobar (4)
Trobar(2) 2019 acryl/o.i.inkt/provençaalse mimosa op museumkarton
vastgeniet in plastic hoes 23 x 31 x 1 cm

zie: The Troubairitz
zie: troubadour/troubairitz
zie: Maria de Ventadorn

Trobairitz became active writers, with their own voice,
(but often not distinguish from male-authored works).
They were accepted and respected by
their male contemporaries,
who created and protected the troubadour system.

zie: Trobar (1)
zie: Trobar (3)
zie: Maria Lassnig

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