close to flowers

On the capacity to be little.-

One must be as close to flowers, grasses and butterflies
as a child, who does not tower over them.
By contrast, we adults have grown too big for these things:
we must descend and condescend to them.
I think that all the while we are declaring our love
to the grasses they must be hating  us.-
Whoever wants to partake of everything that is good
must at the given hour know how to be little.

Nietzsche in Human, All Too Human.

Rosa Pimpinellifolia (thorny)
series of 16 drawings graphite on paper 92x61cm each.

Marjolijn van den Assem on Vimeo.

zie: serie(s)
zie: Rosa Pimpinellifolia (thorny)
zie: Foxgloves and Snapdragons
zie: Smilax(Struikwinde)

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