Am Wasserfall

eine verschneite Seele, der
ein Thauwind zuredet
(Friedrich Nietzsche, Sommer 1888)
(the wind that thaws ice and snow, tenderly convincing a frozen soul to melt)

“Wo silbern Wasser rauschen…” zie: Lake Silvaplana

Normally, as a stream grows older, the waterfall becomes a series of rapids and finally disappears…



Am Wasserfall
Menschliches Allzumenschliches
von Friedrich Nietzsche
Alfred Kroner Verlag in Stuttgart 1921 (collection: Marjolijn)

When we look at the waterfall, its countless twists and turns, the braidings and beadings of its waves of water, we believe that we can descry in it a freedom of will, a kind of autonomy. However, everything about it is necessary: every motion can be calculated mathematically. So it is with human actions: if one were omniscient, one would be able to calculate every action ahead of time, including all progress of knowledge, every error, every piece of malice. To be sure, the one who acts is himself stuck in the illusion of autonomy. Yet if the cosmic wheel stood still for a moment, and if an omniscient, calculative intellect were on hand to take advantage of this moment, that intellect could tell the future of every creature into the most remote of times, marking every track on which the wheel would roll. The actor’s self-deception, the supposition of free will, is itself attributable to this utterly calculable mechanism.
(Friedrich Nietzsche: Human, all too human)

zie: Falling Waters
zie: Dooiwind
zie: Watertekening

Sgelare(6) 2-delig 2008-2010 (in atelier)
o.i.inkt op papier 122x92cm. elk
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