Beijing: NAMOC

Yesterday I visited the National Art Museum of China = NAMOC, in Beijing.
Several works in the exhibition intrigued me…

The State of Things
Contemporary Art from China and Belgium
2010.05.01 to 2010.05.30

* NAMOC, Beijing
* Guillaume Bijl, installation
* Xia Xiaowan, mountain and water, mixed media (glass-paintings)
* Bai Cai, ink on paper
* Li Zhanyang, “car accident”, painted bronze
* Zhou Xiaohu, sculpture, video and installation (10)

“The “State of Things “- exhibition of the Contemporary Art Exchange between China and Belgium” is planned jointly by the director of the National Art Museum of China Fan Di’an, the renowned Belgium artist Luc Tuymans and the renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. The main purpose of the exhibition is to carry out a discussion of art between China and Belgium, which will center on how to make the contemporary art to avoid getting into the exotic or pure novelty-hunting mode, and focus on the academic value of the contemporary visual art as the product of the contemporary culture.” (?)

zie: Eva Hesse
zie: Ree Morton

2 thoughts on “Beijing: NAMOC”

  1. wat interessant om te zien, al deze werken. dat grote relief van Chinese kop is van G.Bijl ? zo moooi.
    fijn dat je ons deelgenoot maakt van je ervaringen. zelfs in China blijf je ons inspireren !!!

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