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‘the point at which something springs
into being or from which it derives or is obtained’

The Saale originates on the slope
of the Großer Waldstein mountain near Zell
in the Fichtelgebirge, at an altitude of 728 m.
It pursues a winding course in a northern direction.

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“Die Saale war wunderschön erwärmt
und wir blieben lange darin.”
Friedrich Nietzsche
Schulpforta, 24 August 1859

In der Nähe von Zell im Fichtelgebirge
entspringt die Saale:


From Saalfeld the Saale enters the limestone hill
region north of the Thuringian Forest,
and sweeps beneath the barren, conical hills
enclosing the university town of Jena.
It passes the spa of Bad Kösen,
washes numerous vine-clad hills and
after receiving the deep and navigable Unstrut at Naumburg.
It finally joins the Elbe just above Barby,
after traversing a distance of 413 km (257 mi)
(shortened 14 km (8.7 mi) by a bypass
from its natural length of 427 kilometers (265 mi)).

The Saale is navigable from Naumburg.
The soil of the lower part of its valley is exceptionally fertile,
and produces, amongst other crops, large supplies of sugar beet.
Its valley, contains many castles
which crown the enclosing heights.

zie: “Seelenbriefe”
at the Nietzsche Dokumentationszentrum Naumburg(Saale)

Video(0:39): exhibition (basement)
Video(1:26): exhibition (ground floor)
Video(1:51):  exhibition (first floor)
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