Compass in hand

Recalling some drawings of the inspiring exhibition I visited last week at the MOMA,
New York:

“Compass in Hand”
Selections from The Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection.

*Susan Turot (1966) The future for less, pencil on paper 2004
*Paul Mc Carthy (1945) “Penis Hat” mixed media 2001
*Paul P. (1977) (colour) pencil/ink on paper
*Peter Doig (1959) Pelicanman, oil/charcoal on paper 2003
*Philip Guston (1913-1980) untitled, charcoal on paper 1968
*Georg Baselitz (1938) Peitschenfrau, ink on paper 1964
*Cy Twombly (1928) untitled, paint/crayon/cut-and-pasted paper on paper 2001
*Gina Pane (1939) Lettre de Turin: “Tout ici ressemble a la-bas” Novembre 1970
*Alighiero e Boetti (1940-1994) Airplanes, ballpoint on three sheets of printed paper on canvas 1983
*Nicole Eisenman (1965) Raging Brook Farm, watercolour on prepared paper 2004
*Marcel van Eeden (The Hague NL 1965) untitled, pencil on paper 2006
*Eva Rothschild (1972) Absolute power, mixed media 2001

zie ook: Ree Morton at The Drawing Center NY

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