1. A space between two objects, points, or units.
  2. The amount of time between two specified instants, events, or states.
  3. One of a series of predetermined distances covered at regular time increments with intermittent periods of rest in an athletic workout.
  4. Mathematics.
    1. A set of numbers consisting of all the numbers between a pair of given numbers along with either, both, or none of the endpoints.
    2. A closed interval.
    3. An open interval.
    4. A half-open interval.
    5. A line segment representing the set of numbers in an interval.
  5. Chiefly British. An intermission, as between acts of a play.
  6. Music. The difference, usually expressed in the number of steps, between two pitches*

Sgelare (3) 2008 5-delig o.i.inkt op papier 130x390x15cm.
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interval= tussentijd
intervallum= tussenruimte, tussentijd.
inter= tussen, vallum= (verdedigings) wal.
vallis= vallei, verwijzend naar volume
volumen=draaiing, boekrol
volutum= rollen, verwijzend naar walen= keren, kenteren,
oudindisch: valati= zich wenden naar.


zie: Falling Waters

*from answers.com

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