The ice is near

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Jenseits des Nordens (part two) (14) 2009 olieverf op linnen 50x40cm
Particuliere collectie, Frankrijk.

In Hochsaison in Sils Maria, Britta Klaas Meilier explains and reiterates various events in von Salis’s and Nietzsche’s lives that define their friendship. By the time they spend the summer of 1887 in Sils-Maria (together with von Salis’s companion Hedwig Kym), Meta von Salis and Nietzsche have both experienced personal and professional successes and failures. What they experience is akin to a marriage of the minds. Von Salis overcomes restrictive aristocratic decorum and Nietzsche transcends his reputed extreme civility: “Nach all dem zuvor Gesagten muss kaum noch hervorgehoben werden, wie unkonventionell es gewesen sein muss, zwei Damen zu sehen, die einen Herrn uber den See ruderten–und nicht umgekehrt”. Klaas Meilier avoids the conundrum as to why feminist von Salis does not take Nietzsche to task for his misogyny, focusing instead on the spiritual and psychological dimensions of their friendship.
In his letter to von Salis upon her departure from Sils-Maria, Nietzsche describes feeling “verwitwet and verwaist”. Unlike Nietzsche, von Salis had no specific negative romantic experience to speak of (the question of sexual orientation dissolves in the haziness of 19th-century definitions of female friendship), but she was driven by a personal conviction that women be allowed to make their own choices. Her ongoing battles with the patriarchal systems around her (familial, educational, legal) led to a palpable resentment of men. Nietzsche proves to be the exception, evident in her description of their relationship as “geeignet, einen vergoldenden Schimmer uber den Rest meines Lebens zu verbreiten”. Even long after Nietzsche’s descent into mental illness in 1889, von Salis remains loyal, providing Elisabeth Forster-Nietzsche with the finances to care for him and establish the Nietzsche archive in Weimar.
(Hochsaison in Sils-Maria. Meta von Salis und Friedrich Nietzsche. Zur Geschichte ihrer Begegnung. Britta Klaas Meilier)  zie: Hochsaison in Sils Maria

Lake Silvaplana near Sils-Maria

zie: Meta von Salis in Sils
zie: Memories of Sils-Maria
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