Groundplan drawings

Gezien bij Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam,
Tomorrow is a Different Day

dit aansprekende, indrukwekkende
project toont:

Groundplan drawings (2014-2017)
is an on-going collection of drawings
made by Syrian friends and relations
who are currently living in Europe
and the United States,
who were forced to leave their homes
since war broke out in Syria in 2011.
It is likely that they may never return
to live in these homes.
We ask participants to draw
the house as they remember it,
including memories of events inside the home,
as well as the changes which took place
in the structure of the home after and during conflict.
Participants experience making memory drawings
as a valuable way to document place and events,
to be used as evidence and catharsis.


Groundplan Drawings Series 2014-2019
digitale print op papier,
Maher’s Groundplan Drawing Video 2014-2019
HD-video, kleur, geluid, 11 minuten,
verworven in 2020
door Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
met steun van het Mondriaan Fonds.
zie: Groundplan drawings – Foundland

zie: Tomorrow is a Different Day

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