Streifzüge durch die Welten der Collage.
28. September 2013 – 26. Januar 2014

Titelmotiv: Georg Grosz, keep smiling(Ausschnitt), collage, 1932

The Kunstmuseum Ahlen and the Museum Marta Herford
present a joint exhibition project
on the contemporary significance of collage
and the related forms of expression in art.

Two museums, two cities, one connection:
in two renowned exhibition houses, simultaneously,
the technique of collage will be newly questioned
in the form of a unique cooperative project
– a cursory rather than a systematic journey
through the history of collage from the beginnings
around 1910 right up to contemporary revivals.

zie: Ruhe-Störung(1)
zie: Ruhe-Störung(3)
zie: Ruhe-Störung(4)

“Ruhe-Störung” (disturbing the peace) moves between
analysis and synthesis, reduction and accumulation,
destruction and construction, devaluation and revaluation.
Protest and resistance, unrest and upheaval,
escapes and dreams, recycling and renewal,
diversity of voices and cacophony,
appropriation of space and the building of worlds
are the thematic guiding stars that the exhibition follows.

With the Kunstmuseum Ahlen and the Marta Herford
two exhibition venues are pursuing a joint idea
in completely different buildings,
rooms and museum focal points.
Künstlerliste (Auswahl):
Enrico Baj, Herbert Bayer, Hubert Berke,
Joseph Beuys, Nanda Botella, Marianne Brandt,
Michael Buthe, Antoni Clavé, Tony Cragg, Jean Dubuffet,
Juan Gris, George Grosz, Raoul Hausmann,
Jory Hull, Paul Joostens, Imi Knoebel, Franz Mon,
Cas Oorthuys, Meter Oppenheim, Josep Renau, Franz Roh,
Mimmo Rotella, Kurt Schwitters, Daniel Speorri,
Grete Stern, Antoni Tàpies, Hervé Télémaque, Jean Tinguely,
Marjolijn van den Assem, Jacques Villeglé, Wolf Vostell,
Andor Weiniger, Günter Weseler.
ERöFFNUNG der Ausstellung Ruhe-Störung:
im Marta Herford am Freitag,
dem 27. September, um 19.30 Uhr.
im KunstMuseum Ahlen am Samstag,
dem 28. September, um 15.30 Uhr.

CATALOGUE published by Kunstmuseum Ahlen
and Marta Herford Museum.
360 pages/400 reproductions
Ausstellungskurator: Dr. Thomas Schriefers
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zie: Ruhe-Störung(1)
zie: Nietzsche Dokumentationszentrum Naumburg(Saale)
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