Saale – Revier(2)

Revier =gebied : een deel van het aardoppervlak…

Territory: an area occupied by a single person
or a groupand often vigorously defended
against intruders,
especially those of the same species.
(the free dictionary)
zie: Saale-Revier(1)
zie: Saale-Revier(3)


Saale – Revier(1) 2012 inkt/nietjes op museumkarton
24 x 34 x14 cm. Marjolijn van den Assem
collection Ron Klein Breteler

“Manchmal badeten sie zusammen(…)
Sie waren jedem Wetter gewachsen.”
(Die Heimholung. Ludger Lütkehaus)
zie: Saale – Revier(1)

From 1880 until his collapse in January 1889,
Nietzsche led a wandering existence as a stateless person
(having given up his German citizenship,
and not having acquired Swiss citizenship),
circling almost annually between his mother’s house i
n Naumburg and various French, Swiss, German and Italian cities.
His travels took him through the Mediterranean seaside
city of Nice (during the winters),
the Swiss alpine village of Sils-Maria (during the summers),
Turin, Genoa, Recoaro, Messina, Rapallo, Florence, Venice,
and Rome, never residing in any place longer
than several months at a time.
zie: Travelogue(3)

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