“My dear friend, what is this our life?
A boat that swims in the sea, and all one knows for certain about it is that one day it will capsize. Here we are, two good old boats that have been faithful neighbors and above all your hand has done its best to keep me from ‘capsizing’! Let us then continue our voyage — each for the other’s sake, for a long time yet, a long time! We should miss each other so much! Tolerably calm seas and good winds and above all sun — what I wish for myself, I wish for you too, and am sorry that my gratitude can find expression only in such a wish and has no influence at all on wind or weather.”
(Nietzsche to Overbeck in 1881)

as a stream grows older... 2010 o.i.inkt/nietjes op papier 94 x 58 x 32cm

Capsize by Marie Lorenz:
This video was shot off the coast of Ostia in Italy. I was recording my first experiment with a sailboat that I built at the American Academy in Rome. I capsized the boat and swam back to shore. I saved the video camera by holding it in my mouth as I swam:

zie: rock-shelter
zie: Cascata d’acqua
zie: Cornucopia
zie: Parallel falls

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